Sopinspace has been administratively closed on 31 December 2016

by admin | 24th November 2014

SARL Sopinspace has undergone “liquidation simple” (it formally ceased to exist) on December 31st, 2016. Abilian SAS continues to operate the on-line text annotation co-ment® Web service until end of 2017. The updating and development of the COMT software is been pursued through a programme being created within the Commons Conservancy foundation. The site […] Read More

Best wishes from Sopinspace

by admin | 9th January 2014

For more information on co-ment, please check the site where you can try it and subscribe to the Web service. Read More

Best wishes from Sopinspace for 2012

by admin | 4th January 2012

Read More

Best wishes for 2011 from Sopinspace

by admin | 4th January 2011

Sopinspace’s full team expresses its best wishes for 2011 to be a great participation and collaboration year. 2010 saw the launch of our main technological product : the free software-based Web service co-ment® for the on-line collaborative annotation and revision of texts. co-ment is today a mature product. It has become a reference for educational and […] Read More

Launch of co-ment(R) 2 services

by admin | 16th April 2010

Sopinspace is proud to announce the launch of the new generation of co-ment® Web services. The co-ment 1 services operated on the site are now being phased out. co-ment 2 services deliver a winning annotation interface, including threaded discussions of comments. They use a structured text pivot format, allowing imports from commonly used formats […] Read More

co-ment(R) 2 PRO beta is up and running

by admin | 15th March 2010

The new version of co-ment® PRO is up and running on By subscribing to co-ment 2 PRO, you will get your own group workspace with its specific subdomain name and all the improvements and simplifications of co-ment 2. All present subscribers to co-ment 1 PRO will receive a complimentary subscription to co-ment 2 PRO […] Read More

Co-ment(R) 2 is on the way, you can help now!

by admin | 11th January 2010

Co-ment is up for big changes. Very soon (revised target date first half of March), co-ment 2 will deployed. This new version of co-ment will offer major improvements such as a better performance on large texts, more freedom for comment scope, simplified user interfaces, better exports of texts for printable formats, etc. These improvements will […] Read More

Best 2009 wishes from Sopinspace

by admin | 5th January 2009

Sopinspace, Society for Public information Spaces is 5 years old. We use this opportunity to send you our best wishes for a 2009 where the Internet will be free and co-operative. We are convinced that relevant usage of information and communication technology will further contribute to the quality of the democratic public debate and help […] Read More

Embedding co-ment™ hosted texts in your web pages

by admin | 19th June 2008

You may now embed in your site a text you created on You have two options: full embedding with text and comments: your visitors will then be able to view commments (and add new ones if allowed to) through an unobstrusive interface within your site that looks a little like the one you are […] Read More

Read Web reviews of co-ment

by admin | 25th February 2008

co-ment has been recently reviewed on many of the sites that cover Web 2.0 applications. We are very grateful for these reviews and we carefully study praise (to keep deserving it) and criticism. We have taken note of some suggestions for additional functionality (such as better support for licensing or for copyright notices of texts […] Read More

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