co-ment: Web based text annotation software

by admin | 16th May 2010

co-ment is an open source software and a Web service that allows users to put texts online, submit them to annotation and comments and update them in a collaborative way.

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co-ment is a web application that makes it possible for you to write or upload your own texts, submit them for comments and process the comments.

The source code for the full functionality of the co-ment service (with the exclusion of software used for the financial transaction associated to subscribing to the pro service) is distributed as free software under the GNU Affero GPL version 3 (

Please pay attention to the copyright notices and indications about choice of licenses for libraires in this page. Please note that an additional trademark clause has been added in accordance with article 7 (e) of the AGPLv3.

Free software

co-ment is a free software application application that is composed of a website part (Django) and a Javascript client part.

You can download the entire co-ment source code on the community website.

co-ment services

This software is what powers the web sites and

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