Our service offer ranges from simple consulting on organisation and tools for a local policy public debate, up to full assistance services for the engineering of a large-scale debate on the orientation of a European or National policy, including the operational completion of a co-operative debate for a partners or a projects network.

The solutions that we offer guarantee dynamic and evolutive Websites, which content can be changed easily without any particular technical knowledge required. We provide a customized visual design, the hosting , the technical support, the legal consulting and the registering and transfer of the domain name that are necessary for the creation of a Website. We ensure also the training which aims to a real transfer of competences.


We assist local communities, regions, and public agencies for the design of ICT-based participatory democracy and for actions to empower citizens through the usage of ICT and Free/open source software. We also provide consulting services to companies for concertation actions within their staff or with external stakeholders.

Sopinspace is experienced in assisting communities and local government at all phases of participatory democracy projects and policy. In particular, we helped many local government in the Nord – Pas de Calais region of France to design participatory democracy projects.

We also provide consulting services to regions, helping them to design ICT-based citizen participation policies.

Our actions make use of our general knowledge of this domain, built through the Observatory of Internet-based public debates (which we facilitate, contents mostly in French) and through our participation in think-tanks that bring together players in this domain. Sopinspace coordinates the Public Sphere Working Group of the COMMUNIA European Network.

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if you need some additional functionality for one of our innovative Web services or to integrate them within your information system, our engineers can develop efficient solutions.

Some examples of possible software development services:

  • You need to adapt co-ment® to make it fit for some specific type of documents or to design a specific workflow
  • You wish to integrate Glinkr® to your Web server platform
  • You need to add some additional innovative functionality to a free/open source software content management system

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On-line facilitation

From the moderation to the synthesis of exchanges between participants, we bring an adde-value assistance to on-line debates and collaborative work. We bring our methods and tools to this domain: differentiated roles for facilitators, topical and argumentative debate cartography tools.

Our services address the full range of needs of on-line debates:

  • drafting sites presentation documents and moderation charters or codes of conduct
  • editorial design and production for information documents
  • support to usage of on-line debate or collaborative sites
  • moderation (a priori or a posteriori according to needs), often combined with added-value actions such as enhanced indexing for contributions
  • facilitating conversations : initiation, re-framing, in-process debate cartography, etc.
  • debate synthsis and statistical reporting

When Internet usage is combined with face-to-face meetings, we also help designing the protocols for these meetings or panels and facilitate them. We mobilize experience facilitators to that effect.

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Studies and R&D

Sopinspace conducts strategic studies on the impact of information and communication technology and its usage. Our competence lies together in technology analysis, economic modelling and usage analysis. We have demonstrated the totential of this combination in several reference studies.

We provide rigourous and substantiated insight into:

  • shared innovation regimes in software and biology
  • the cultural, economic and business impact of the distribution of cultural creations under free (commons) licenses
  • mutualized funding schemes creating a synergy between the economy and non-market information exchanges
  • the scientific and democratic impact of open access publications and open science
  • the statistical analysis of cultural diversity on the Internet
  • the relationship between territorial development and innovation regimes
  • the corresponding actions proceed through answers to study call for tenders or by direct order.

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